Attorneys at Law for Transport Law & Logistics Law in Stuttgart

Over the years, we have prided ourselves on our commitment representing major domestic and foreign trade and cargo/carrier companies, and advising on international trade agreements. We specialize in international cargo carriage agreements and in the liquidation of damages incurred by a breach of these contracts.

International by nature, transportation, shipping and logistics law presents difficult and unique legal and contractual challenge. Our transportation, shipping and logistics team provides the full breadth of legal, regulatory and advocacy support and advising in trade law.

  • Cargo Damage Litigation
  • Cross-border carrier issues
  • Maritime and intermodal cargo claims
  • Collision claims
  • Drafting and adjusting of contracts
  • Letters of Credit, L/C Documentation

Shortages and thefts of high value goods are the most troublesome cargo issues facing our clients. We advise on the careful use of the shipper, and advise on the implementation of load and count provisions, and on the adequate protection of carriers against exposure of high value items.

We Advise on …
  • Maritime Trade
  • Transportation/Logistics/ Warehousing
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Letters of credit trade documentation
We Advise …
  • Carriers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Contract Parties involved
  • Banks, Exporters and Carriers on their L/Cs

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