Christian Hellmich & Collegues – Attorneys at Law for Corporate Law in Stuttgart

Christian Hellmich & Collegen has significant experience working on behalf of businesses and assisting businesses in their legal action. Our firm has a wide experience in corporate issues which encompasses

  • Mergers and acquisitions, including post-acquisition integration
  • Corporate book keeping and valuation of assets
  • Drafting and formalization of shareholders or directors resolutions
  • Appointment and removal of officers and directors
  • Liability of corporate officers including breach of fiduciary duty suits
  • Contract negotiation, drafting and adjustment
    establishing and maintaining profit centers including OECD transfer pricing and their instruments
  • Compliance issues for corporations and officers

We provide advice to our clients in the negotiation of mergers, in stock and in asset acquisition, and any other transaction involving a change in corporate control. We specialize in structuring joint ventures and other mergers and acquisitions, in negotiating, drafting, and in implementing our M&A agreements.

Our M&A post-acquisition consulting includes advice

  • on post-closing purchase price adjustments
  • Implementation of SOP and
  • adjustments on working capital.

We advise on corporate reorganizations, divestitures, corporate finance, venture capital, project finance, international transactions and corporate governance and compliance.

We Advise on …
  • Corporate Law
  • Restructuring and restructuring evaluation
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Integration
  • Corporate Finance
  • Liability of Corporate Officers
  • Organizing and heading stockholders meetings, drafting resolutions
  • Products Liability Cases claiming design defects, manufacturing & marketing defects
  • Implementation of shareholders resolutions

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