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A law and tax consultancy firm focusing on business law.


Christian Hellmich & Colleagues provide the highest quality legal counsel for its clients. The firm has a solid reputation in the areas of corporate and commercial law, international trade, tax consulting, real estate and litigation. We offer personalised advice to domestic and foreign investors and corporations, excelling in our endeavour to negotiate disputes out of court.


Our litigators handle virtually every kind of civil and commercial law suit brought before the German courts. We endeavour to ensure that our litigation and advocacy strategy is beneficially and individually aligned with our clients’ business interests and goals.

Appellate Cases

We advise clients on appellate issues and represent them in cases on appeal.

Perhaps the greatest strength of our Appellate Practice Group is our emphasis on presenting complex questions of law in simple and straightforward terms. Our effective appellate advocacy is ultimately a challenge that enables the decision makers to appreciate our legal position.

Legal Fees

Advisory and litigation fees in Germany are regulated by law. They are neither arbitrary, nor discretionary and are subject to review.

We Advise on …

We pride ourselves on providing client and case oriented advisory services, covering:

On the Side of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Private Individuals

Our advisory services are tailored to the comprehensive support of medium-sized companies.

The focus here is on corporate law and restructuring advice. We also specialise in debt settlement for private individuals and provide support as suitable persons within the meaning of Section 305 (1) InsO when an insolvency petition is filed.
For public limited companies, we prepare, conduct and follow up on general meetings.

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