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Who can file for insolvency and when?

In consumer insolvency proceedings, any private individual can file for insolvency. If you have debts and can no longer pay them, you can file for insolvency proceedings after conducting a debt settlement procedure. Or the creditors may agree to a repayment plan that corresponds to your financial possibilities.

We provide support on the way out of debt and the jungle of forms and help you fill out the applications.

“Some steps you have to take immediately, otherwise your courage will leave you!”

From initial meeting to filing for bankruptcy in just 2 months – don’t wait long for an appointment. Call us and arrange an initial meeting. Then we will take the next steps together.

Our costs are transparent

Initial consultation with a debt advisor: 150,00 EUR

Cost advantages for members of IG Metall. Due to our cooperation with IG Metall, IG Metall members benefit from a discount on the costs. Please provide us with proof of your membership accordingly.

Your wishes?

  • Be debt free
  • Find support
  • Make a new start now
  • Transparency about costs
  • Competent personal advice

Every Journey Begins with a First Step

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